One-Stop-Solution Equip New Home Functional Fittings for Bathroom Yard Kitchen

Looking for Fittings Replacement Or New Home Installation? We’ve All Covered…
Wholesale Price
Complete With Everything You Need
Easy Fix (Spare parts available)

Every Homeowner Pay Too Much Attention on Renovation But Forgotten the Functional Parts of the House!

How to Choose a Product Brand of Functional Fittings that is Long-Lasting Highly Affordable Future Fixable
Many home owner focus on furniture, renovation, electrical appliances, but forgotten about functional fittings!
After move in only reallize many missing functional part that were yet to install…
End up they need to apply for renovation with the management and arrange contractor to come again!

Introducing Sinor Malaysia

One Stop Wholesale to Buy All Essential Fittings

Smart Drying Rack

Complete with over 460+ Home Functional Fittings & Equipments
One-GO Install All Functional Needs for Your New Home, Save The Hassle to Hire Contractor After Move-in
We Advice You How to Complete Your House with Functional Fitting for
Elderly, Kids or Even Just a Simple Family Without Big Budget to Spend!

Why Choose Sinor?

Malaysia Brand Established Since 2002, Currently Distributing to 200 Retails Around Malaysia

#1How Our Product Quality Stay Competitive In the Market?

Continuous to Submit for Product Testing to Ensure Quality
Certificate & Recognition Awarded with 11 Product Recognition
Constant Improving and Qualification by Malaysia and UK
To have a better confidence in our quality, we have made submission to 11 of the local and international authorities for product recognition.
Intertek Certification (Recognition from UK)
Fyi, Intertek is a multinational assurance, inspection, product testing and certification company in London, England.
Our main product has undergo testing rigorously and successfully pass the tests with recognition.
  • Acidity Corrossion Test
  • 20,000 times of open close worn test
Everyone can claim that their product is quality, But we don’t know until it’s put to test!

#2Elegant Design of Fittings

Improvement on the Product Design to Match Your Home
How Stainless Steel Fittings Can Add Value to Your Home Aesthetic?
Without much fancy but impractical function,
we were able to produce a Clean, Simple But Elegant Product Design.
Equip your home with functional fittings without sacrifice the aesthetic

#3Product Affordability

Branded Product Reputation, But Affordable in Pricing
Branded, Elegant Design, High Quality, Yet So AFFORDABLE!
We are well aware that there are better and more branded product than us…
But some of the Elegant accessories can be affordable for every homeowner.
To be able to provide the highest value to you,we source the best functional and yet suitable for most of the homeowners
This way, you get to equip your home with complete functional fittings without breaking the bank.

#4Spare Parts Replacement In Less Than 15mins

You Can Easily Resolve the Leaking Part Without Hiring a Expensive Plumber!
We solved all your concern!
Water tap product may be prone to leaking after using for some time..
Especially when the water source is not as clean, the internal valve might be easily damage, causes leakage problem
But in Sinor…
you don’t have to throw away your water tap
We have spare parts for you.
In 15 minute, you can easily replace the part and solve the leaking issue!
Better yet, all our spare parts are consistent for more than a decade.
So, even after using the fittings for 10years, you will still be able to find good spare parts for replacement
No need to look plumber No more worry about leaking tap!
20 years of Experience in Supply Sanitary Fittings, Water Faucet and Other Hardwares
Offering Your Home with Complete Functional Fit-out that Ease Your Daily Life
Get Your Home Fittings Direct from Sinor Concept Store
Winson Chew , CEO
One Brand Covers All Product
Reputable Branding, Yet Anyone Can Afford!
No Need to Worry about Future Replacement
Visit Our Showroom and Get a Functional House Fittings at Sinor Concept Store

Distribution Around Malaysia with Over 200+ Local Dealer

Easily access in your local neighborhood!

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